• 10+ years of fitting experience
  • In the fiscal year of 2007 Gap Japan achieved more than 200% comparable store sales.
  • In the fiscal year of 2008 the company again achieved 200% increase in comp sales. In two years, the sales went up quadruple.
  • Continuously providing fit model services to Gap Japan since 2001.
  • Gap Japan breaks one hundred billion yen sales mark in fiscal year 2007.
  • An Alvaform (body form) is created based on Kenneth’s measurement.
  • Witness Gap Japan grow from 15 stores to now over 110 stores, a USD 800 Millions business.
  • In 2010 Gap China is launched and Kenneth is the official fit model.


Kenneth Hung has been the sole fit model for Gap Japan Men’s market since April 2001. He witnessed the birth of Gap Japan technical design team and contributed to the continuous growth of Gap Japan K.K. to nowadays a USD 800 millions company.

Kenneth was also the original fit model for Banana Republic Japan when the company launched in year 2004, which he received an Acknowledgment Award from the then president Andrew Rolfe.

Kenneth has been traveling to Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, China and India frequently for line adoption and production fitting. This leads to an extensive understanding of the production process that greatly enhance his knowledge in the apparel industry.

Due to Gap’s request, in 2005 Kenneth relocated from San Francisco to New York. In 2007, Gap created a body form based on his measurements.

In 2010, Gap China is launched and Kenneth is the official fit model.

Kenneth is currently based in New York City continuously provide fit modeling services to Gap Japan and Rag & Bone Asia.


  • Gap Japan
  • Rag & Bone Asia
  • Gap China
  • LL Bean Asia
  • Banana Republic Japan